Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mine is the Creepiest One So Far...

...but I agree with the qualities.

Don't forget: I'm the one who used to have giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches for classroom pets and who still has an active colony of mealworms and darkling beetles in my classroom. I'm the one with the classroom rule that says you can't kill anything in my classroom unless you are in danger or hungry enough to eat what you kill. I'm the one who keeps catching the little jumping spider and putting it back in the geranium on the windowsill. (Is that my Daemon I keep banishing?!?!)

Well, you get what you deserve. No cute kittie for me!


  1. Oh Mary Lee, I could have written this paragraph! I too had hissing cockroaches, along with so many mice I needed to get a snake to eat them, and even he couldn't keep up with them. I loved having animals in my classroom, and too never allowed any of the students to kill the "bugs" they found.
    I may not be a spider, but I'm a kindred spirit.

  2. Wow! You are truly a cool teacher!

  3. Very cool daemon. My son is jealous! And I love your classroom rule!


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