Friday, May 16, 2008

Graphic Novel Week Meets Poetry Friday

1. The Poem as Comic Strip from the Poetry Foundation. (The link is to the most current installment -- links to the other five are in the sidebar of this page.)

2. Comics about poetry. Again, at the Poetry Foundation.

3. My very own poetry comic strip, with the help of Gerard Manley Hopkins and ToonDoo:
(drag your cursor over the comic to view all three panels)

The roundup is at Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Thank you for such a great week of posts! I've enjoyed reading each day, and today was no different. You've opened my eyes to a number of new resources and helped push my thinking about graphic novels.

  2. Never heard of Toondoo, but whoop!! What a fun toy. Do your students use it? I'm thinking it could destroy that old stereotype of verbally analyzing poetry as the best approach, and allow readers to respond visually instead.

  3. Sara,
    ToonDo is blocked on our school computers, but my students LOVE ComicLife (a Mac application) and there's another safe comic generator here:

    I had so much fun making Pied Beauty into a comic, you can BET my students will be trying that soon!

  4. Mary Lee, what fun!! And the one GMH poem I tried to memorize in school -- I've forgotten it now, all those syllables, but I'll bet if I put it in comic form I'd never forget. What an awesome idea!!!

  5. I have to go back throught and read your posts this weekend. How fun. I know these are a hit with my reluctant readers.

  6. I agree, this looks like a terrific resource. I'm going to explore it for use with my kids.

    Thanks for sharing your creation on this poem! I was actually looking at one of Hopkins' "terrible sonnets" yesterday, but this one returns me to the Hopkins I like best.

  7. What a totally cool idea. Love your Hopkins comic. Going to play with ToonDoo . . .

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Wow - your Toondoo thing was really cool. If a bit dizzying, since it moves so freely.


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