Sunday, May 25, 2008

This 'n That

Based on the City of Ember trailer, I don't think I'll see the movie. I like the way I visualized the story.

At Open Wide, Look Inside, Tricia (also of The Miss Rumphius Effect) has created some AMAZING resources for elementary teachers: three guided tours of web resources. One for social studies, one for science, and one for math. Book mark these to use for planning your units and lessons for next year! A huge thank you to Tricia for creating and sharing these!

I finished reading aloud Greetings From Nowhere and we had some great discussions! I need to bring the charts home and work on my post for Karen's Greetings From Nowhere Challenge at Literate Lives.

Are you going to the 2008 Kidlit Bloggers' Conference in Portland, Oregon on September 27? I'm a definite maybe. (Checking the calendar and the budget...) The info blog is here.

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  1. I visualized City of Ember much differently too. I haven't made up my mind if/when to see it. I may wait to read all the reviews and then wait for it to come to DVD.


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