Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our 4th Annual Elf Yourself Greeting

Okay, this really never gets old! These make me laugh every year.
Here is our annual ELF YOURSELF holiday greeting to you! (We decided to dance AND sing this year!)

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And in case you didn't see the Elf Yourself invasion of NYC, here it is!


  1. No, "Elf Yourself" never really gets old -- it's the George Hamilton of, oh, nevermind. Truth is: Went to a holiday party last night, up way too late. In the morning I clicked on this clip between tentative sips of my first cup of coffee. Those voices! Like buckshot to my brain. So you might want to add a warning: Do not attempt until after noon; "Elf Yourself" is not a morning activity.

    Happy holidays. I'm going to look for some Advil. And seriously: 4 years blogging. Well done.

  2. I'm with Jimmy -- this NEVER gets old! I, too, was surprised by this clip as I enjoyed my first cup of morning caffeine. I, however, nearly spit my tea with GLEE as "we" started singing and dancing to all the holiday classics! You outdid yourself this year, Franki! Bravo! Huzzah! Let the fun continue for endless years to come (but let's keep using the same picture)!!!!

  3. Funny comment about not changing the photo, Mary Lee. It's tempting in this age of Facebook to put our younger face forward.

    Quick story: I was the YMCA, tapping in instructions for an exercise machine. Time, intensity Ievel, weight, etc. I complained to the woman beside me, "I hate that the machine asks my age."

    She looked at me and smiled. "I lie," she said.

  4. OMG -- too funny! You two ladies truly are vastly talented as is evidenced in this clip!


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