Monday, September 28, 2015

How's That Workin' For You? -- Classroom Design Edition

Just about a month ago, I was setting up my classroom and imagining how all of the spaces I'd designed would be used once the students came.

Last week, during independent work time in science, when students had the choice to work on some anchor charts for the classroom, or on a 3-D energy pyramid, I looked around the room and was thrilled to see that every single space I had imagined was being used! YAY!

The small round table

Standing desk

Back table


Room for more than one group on the tile

Table group

Lap desk and meeting area

The other standing desk


  1. Woo Hoo! I love this! Looks like kids really own the room!

  2. I love the stand-up table!

  3. OK, I'm back. Was thinking about your room on the way to work this morning and you notice that certain kids always gravitate toward certain parts of the room? For example, I'm thinking about kids who are super active and wondering whether they prefer stand up desks, etc.

    1. Yes, Carol, there are some preferences developing, but what was really cool about this day in science was that the choice of workspace matched the task at hand, too!

  4. Love this, Mary Lee, for so many reasons! First, because you came back to tell us about how your hope for the year as working out. (I'd accept a "not like expected", since that is often the case, but so-cool that it is a "SUPER!") Also, because I just love a look inside the classroom of other teachers. Finally, I can see in the background an ecosystem energy pyramid, which connects to what we're doing in our classroom, too! Thanks so much for the follow-up!

  5. How exciting, Mary Lee that your students are utilizing the energizing space you have created!


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