Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Love-Hate Relationship With Twitter

Franki's Twitter Mosaic Meme presents a real problem for me. She posted it the day after I "unfollowed" a boatload of Tweeps. I also turned off updates from GoodReads and gave myself permission to stop logging my books there, plus I put the Kidlitosphere Yahoo Group on digest and my participation in the English Companion NING on hold.

There was too much "noise" coming from my computer and I found myself spending too much time in front of the screen TAKING IN rather than CREATING. Besides the blog, I have at least three other writing projects that need attention. Attending to the incoming flow of information on the computer took hours of time I needed for my writing. Less time on the computer also means more time for reading, exercising, working in the garden, and being a social person in the living world.

And then there's that looming reality: The New School Year (*playing doom music in my head: duhn duhn duhn...*). This year (like every other year in my career...who am I kidding, really)...This year I'm going to keep a balance between my school life and my personal life. This year I'll stay sane. This year I've got a plan in place that will give me time for ME, and I'm going to stick to the plan no matter what.

Stop laughing. It might work this time.

So here's my contribution to the meme. Not ALL my friends, not ALL the followers who survived the cull. Here's Franki, with whom I jumped into this problematic and wonderful fast-flowing river of information and noise, and my NPR Tweeps who don't even know I exist.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


  1. It's important that we make the choices, not the technology. Yes -- no laughing -- make time for yourself.

  2. Okay, no matter how good people make it sound, I can't get into to Twitter for this very same reason. TOO MUCH! My Kidlitosphere Yahoo group on digest is okay, as I never comment on anything anyway. I just read with some interest. (Note the word- some) I do like to get my Goodreads digest and I only update that when I read something. You have got to give yourself permission to tone out some of this technology. My husband would beg to differ that I have even attempted to do so, but I feel like I could be 20 times worse.

  3. I think a lot of people are struggling with this right now. I had a Twitter FireFox add-in that caused new tweets to pop up in the corner for three seconds - that was ADD-inducing. I have turned that off, but I'm still susceptible to this notion that there's always information to take in. What I'm working on is spending a bit less time multi-tasking on the computer (e.g. reading blogs while watching TV, etc.), and more time present in the real world. Trying, without much success so far. Good luck with your changes!

  4. I, too, have been feeling that way so much so that I took a "tech break" last week. I read online a little, but did not participate in tweets, nings, or email(except family)! I became overwhelmed with too many "tech" options and felt the need to live under the tech radar for awhile. By taking that break, I began to think about purposeful technology for my students and not just trying every bell and whistle that's out there. Thank you for affirming what I was feeling lately. I thought it was just me. Shelly

  5. Oh, I understand the frustration! I fell on sensory overload most of the time. I have discovered that I am becoming to passive when I could be creating.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. OK - typed too fast...

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  7. You must be a big fan of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! I LOVE that radio program!!!

    I'm not a twitterer...a tweeter. I can't even keep up with writing for three blogs.

  8. Mary Lee, I totally hear ya! I'm reading the Power of Less right now and it is helping me a lot finding the balance that I'm so desperately seeking.

  9. Amen Sistah! I, too, struggle to find a balance between home/school and technology/real life. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! This is the year of balance, for sure.

  10. I used computers a little at work, but on retiring wanted to tap into their usefulness for keeping me connected with folks and developing my interests. This post is just right.

  11. Just canceled my Twitter account (again). Realized that I have enough coming in through my reader and I prefer thoughts (like your wonderful blog) that come in more then a few characters. Thanks!


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