Thursday, April 27, 2017

Current Events

For the next half of National Poetry Month 2017, 
Malvina will Sing It, and I'll write a poem in response.

Sometimes in Malvina's songs, she pulled her topic straight from the headlines of the newspaper. Her song today is about a little mouse who chewed some wires, causing big problems for humans.

Language alert if you are listening with children. 
Be ready to hit mute at 1:06-1:09 and again at 2:40-2:43. 

My poem topic today came from this article: Cassini Spacecraft Starts Weaving Between Saturn and Its Rings. It's a blackout poem.

In Order to Survive

precautionary measure
the Grand Finale
of our "pale blue dot"

©Mary Lee Hahn


  1. We need all the 'precautionary measures' we can find! Nicely done! The song is new to me, and wonderful: "why not you and I?" I love hearing Malvina talk too.

  2. Your poem is powerful, and scary to the max! I've been reading about "what to do in case of a nuclear attack." I thought that such cautionary notices died out in the early 1960s. To borrow the words of you-know-who, "So sad."

  3. We seem to be in synchrony. I did a black-out poem today. Didn't post, though. It wasn't quite this good. Love our pale blue dot.


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