Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Next-Read Stack for 2006

I always have a stack--a HUGE stack--of books that I am waiting to read. I already have a huge stack waiting for me this year. And, if they aren't on the stack, I have titles in my head. Here are the books I'm hoping to read sometime soon:
THE CONSTANT PRINCESS by Philippa Gregory--After reading THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, she became my current favorite author, so I want to read more of her books.
MY FRIEND, LEONARD by James Frey--I was totally hooked on A MILLION LITTLE PIECES and want to know what happens next.
A friend recommended THE GLASS CASTLE by Wells.
ANNA KARENINA--this has been on my stack for years. I need to get to it.
RESTORATION by Tremain--recommended by Tracy Chevalier on her website. I get lots of titles from her list. She reads great stuff! And she is one of my absolute favorite authors. So I trust her recommendations.

Books that are coming this year by some of my favorite authors:
RISE AND SHINE by Anna Quindlen
Jeanne DuPrau has a prequel coming out to CITY OF EMBER
EL Konigsburg has a new book coming in February.

I have a few more 2005 children's books to read before the Newbery is announced this month.
I'll keep you posted as I read them.

I'm also hoping to keep up with new children's books again this year. It has been fun to keep up with the books and buzz around them. And, of course there are several professional books that I'm looking forward to reading.

This plan could change (it usually does!) but it is my stack for now:-)

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