Friday, April 21, 2006

2006 Reading

Well, I finally got started on my 2006 Newbery reading! I read Lois Lowry's GOSSAMER. I loved it. It was a sweet story. It seemed to be for kids younger than THE GIVER. I have a student reading it now who also loves it. I would recommend it. I also picked up LISTEN! by Stephanie Tolan. Looks like a possibility. Has a dog story won lately?

I have two new favorite websites/blogs to share. First is a book award I just discovered. You probably already know it, but it is the Jane Addams Peace Award for children's books. They just announced their 2006 awards.

I've also discovered this amazing blog by a New York librarian. Not sure how I found it. Pure luck, I guess. But she writes every day, reviews lots of new books, and she is hysterically funny. I am hooked to the blog. I will post the link sometime soon.

I am also looking forward to a new book coming out from Stenhouse called BLACK ANTS AND BUDDHISTS by Mary Cowhey. I read much of it online today and love it!

That's about it:-)

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