Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Twin Authors

All similarities end with twin and author. Jennifer Roy thought she would be a pediatrician when she grew up. She became a teacher and then a curriculum writer, and then her cousin suggested that she write the story of her aunt. This is the story of the character in YELLOW STAR, the story that has propelled her into the Children's Literature Limelight. It was recently named a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Award Book.

Julia DeVillers knew from early elementary school years that she would be a writer, and that's what she became. She, too, has recently been propelled into the Children's Literature Limelight when Disney bought the rights to her book HOW MY PRIVATE PERSONAL JOURNAL BECAME A BEST SELLER. The movie is called "Read It And Weep".

We had a great time at Cover to Cover. Julia shared stories about the making of the movie. She was invited to the set of the movie and had great photos to share. She also shared some of her other great books. Jennifer talked about her aunt's story and the process of writing the book. We loved both authors. This was their very first Twin Author Signing! We think they'd both be great for any conferences or school author visits. We are huge fans! It was great to meet two sisters who were talented and excited about each other's work. Thanks to Sally and the staff at Cover to Cover for hosting this event!

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