Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Math Games in the Library

Countdown and 7 ATE 9 are two popular math games in the library.   Countdown has been a popular game in the library for a few years. Prior to having it in the library, I had a few versions in the classroom.  The game is a great game for practicing math facts as well as being a strategic problem solver. Players roll two dice and then add, subtract, multiply or divide. The player then raises the matching number stick on their side of the board. The goal is to flip all of the keys so finding a problem that gives an answer that you need is key.  This is a great game for kids who need practice with math facts as well as kids who already know their facts but want to use them in a challenging game.

7 ATE 9 is a game we added to the library this year.  This is another great math game. You can learn more about the game and see how it is played in the video review by Ted Cheatham.


  1. Have you ever heard of Muggins or Knock Out? They are very fun math games that keep the kids' attention for a long time! They are also good for fact practice, but I use them more for strategic and problem solving thinking! :)
    Check them out here:

  2. These are great! We love games in our house, and these game posts are giving me ideas for holiday presents, too. Thanks so much!


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