Friday, August 26, 2011

Poetry Friday -- National Dog Day

August 26 is National Dog Day. To honor the day, J. Patrick Lewis kindly sent this poem. And wasn't it serendipitous that just recently we met Brutus Winston Buckeye in Selby Park as we set out walking to the Worthington Farmer's Market?

How Big?

You were a kid, 
             I was your pup,
I got bigger
             As you grew up.
When you were four,
             I was just two.
I was already 
             As tall as you.
Now you are twelve,
             And I am ten.
I'm still as big 
             As you are, Ben. 
You are my owner,  
             But I am in charge.
You are my captain, 
             I am your barge.
You are a prince,
             But I am the king.
I am the boss
             Of everything. 
You’re the conductor,
             I am the train.
You’re a great kid, 
            And I’m a Great Dane!

J. Patrick Lewis, ©2011

Here's to our canine friends: to the slobber, the barks, the whines, the drifts of hair in the hallway...and to the the tails thumping the floor, the adoring looks, the readiness for play, the leaning on our leg.

Don't let today, National Dog Day, go by without patting a dog on the head, or rubbing a dog on the belly, or scratching a dog behind the ears. It'll lower your heart rate and it'll make the dog's day!

Irene has the Poetry Friday Round Up today at Live. Love. Explore!


  1. Oh, the irony.

    This post has been ready for a couple of weeks. Just last night, Donalyn and I had a discussion in DMs on Twitter about Manchee, "the best ruddy dog EVER," in THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO. If you've read the book, you know what I mean...

  2. National Dog Day ?? I had no idea. I love the old, sweet faced in the pics. Our pup is still a pup -- and oh my, the bouncing and chewing. Hard to be upset though... nice to see such enthusiasm for life. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for posting that great poem...I have sent it along to my granddog Percy. I'm sure he will enjoy the celebration! Maybe some popcorn to celebrate his special day!

  4. My three dogs especially thank you for this "great" post. (Kirby Larson's dog is spreading the word over on her blog today, too.) *wag* *woof*

  5. Mary Lee,

    I'll have to email this post to my daughter. Her Yellow Lab Jack is one of her favorite "people" in the world. Loved Pat's poem!

    Happy National Dog Day!

  6. So enjoyed both the poem and the photos of the dogs! So nice! ;-) Like Irene, I didn't even know there was a National Dog Day! Thanks for educating us. ;-)

  7. Sweet poem. I'll read it aloud to my pug and give him extra hugs as I wish him a Happy National Dog Day.

  8. Oh, I miss my little cocker spaniel, Woody....nothing calmed me down more than looking into his big brown eyes. And he was in charge, too, though he wasn't a Great Dane! Pat's so good with humor, isn't he? Always fun to read. Thanks for posting it, Mary Lee.

  9. This was so much fun. The poem reminded me of Cynthia Rylant's Henry and Mudge books, which we loved when my kids were beginning readers.

  10. Oh, another wonderful Pat poem! :)

    I had almost forgotten about National Dog Day -- last year I featured authors and their dogs at alphabet soup. I'd better start planning now for next year . . .

    Ruff ruff!


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