Thursday, September 08, 2011

Graphic Novel Week: The Last Council (Amulet, Book 4)

The Last Council (Amulet, Book 4)
by Kazu Kibuishi
Scholastic, 2011
review copy purchased for my classroom library

I'm just about ready to take the Bone series out of my classroom library. First of all, the books are all falling apart, but mostly, now that graphic novels for kids have started to increase in number and quality, Bone stands out as a series that is n-o-t not for younger readers. The Amulet series is.

First of all, the main characters in Amulet are kids. Like Harry Potter, Emily has special powers. She is a Stonekeeper. She's not sure quite what that means for herself or the world -- as the books progress, she learns more. The story revolves around good vs. evil. Sometimes the evil turns out to be good and sometimes the good turns out to be evil.

This fourth book in the series had echoes of the Chaos Walking trilogy and the Hunger Games trilogy (although obviously, I wouldn't expect my fourth grade readers to make those connections -- it's just interesting to see echoes of big themes showing up in new places) : a new world, something's not quite right, working together for survival, betrayal in the name of power, seeming failure, trusted elder.

This is a great series. It's hard to wait a year between books! These books need to be read sequentially, in order to follow the story line.

My review of Book 1: The Stonekeeper.
Why didn't I review Book 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse?
My review of Book 3: The Cloud Searchers.

Very cool Amulet site over at Scholastic.

Recommended for readers in grades 4-6.

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