Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! I Haiku You!

I Haiku You
by (Ohio author) Betsy E. Snyder
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2012
review copy from my classroom library

What (or who) do you love? Betsy Snyder's twenty haiku love poems will definitely make you want to write a few of your own.

Here are some my students came up with to share with you today -- Happy Valentine's Day!

cute little faces
hopping around behind me --
look, it's the bunnies!

I love chocolate!
It melts on my tongue so slow.
Chocolate is the best!

Delicious, sweetness!
I share my cookies with friends!
Cookies are my world!

I love monster trucks.
They do front flips and back flips.
They go really high.

They're with you always --
annoying you, comforting...
but they're still family.

Buzzer beater: SWISH!
I really like basketball --
the best game ever.

Pizza, I love you.
Pizza, pizza, you're so good.
Pizza, so good and juicy.

Dance, dance, I love it!
Every day my body moves.
I cannot stop it!

Japan is the best!
Japan has yummy food, so...
Japan is the best!

Dark carmel chocolate
with a little bitterness --
it's really creamy.

Your chocolately taste
is really really yummy.
Brownies are awesome!

Your music is the best.
You guys are so funny.
Oh, One Direction!!

I love oatmeal,
brown sugar especially.
It smells really good.

I so love bacon!
So yummy in my tummy!
So, so delicious!


  1. It's the cutest book, Mary Lee, and so are your students' haikus. They must have had great fun writing these.

  2. Very cute Haiku's by your students. I wish they did more poetry in school.

  3. I'm waiting for this book from our library, since you first wrote about it. We did some haiku writing today, inspired by this post. Thank you to you, and your students, Mary Lee!
    Happy Valentine's Day : )


  4. Such a lovely haiku happy valentines day :D

  5. Your student's poetry really made my day!! They are so clever!


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