Saturday, April 25, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Cheerfulness


flash of gold 
not smelted 
newly molted

lilting flight
burbling song


©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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"Family Portrait"

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  1. Coruscating! I love how poetry expands my vocabulary. Blue and yellow combined always make me feel cheerful.

  2. I love the cheerful image of the goldfinch!

    I'm late getting mine written today, but here it is

  3. Another gorgeous poem, Mary Lee! And like Ramona, I learned a new word.

    After a morning of teaching, then five hours at the school carnival, I'm scrambling a little for poems tonight.


    One fluttery purple iris
    Two blades of green grass
    Tulips- three each of palest pink, red, and yellow
    Four drops of daffodil juice
    A dash of lilac zest

    To do:
    Stir together in large bowl
    Set oven to full sunshine,
    bake until ingredients reach desired consistency

    Best when served in a large glass
    on patio or porch swing.

    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2015

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    2. Carol, what a wonderful, cheery poem that is inventive. Too bad that we cannot create this drink and have instant cheerfulness. Would you consider pairing this with a photo and offering it for my online gallery, Spring's Symphony?

  4. Mary Lee, what a splendid poem that rings with coruscating cheer as you sparkle our day. I am a day late with my poem on cheerfulness but I started it yesterday and fell asleep before I could put the finishing touches on it. Please see it at Thanks for bringing the good cheer today and now off to ponder zest.

  5. Mary Lee, this was a case of "just-in-time poetry" yesterday. Thanks for the much-needed smile this gave me. :)

  6. Oh, coruscating indeed! So bright!


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