Monday, December 14, 2015


The Slowest Book Ever
by April Pulley Sayre
illustrated by Kelly Murphy
review copy provided by the publisher
Boyds Mills Press, April 2016

This book is the perfect antidote for the hurry-scurry of the modern world. In order to enjoy it, you must sit on the couch and meander through the chapters in no particular order, spending an entire afternoon learning about and thinking about slow plants, slow animals, slow geological processes, slow art, slow music and imaginary slow motion movies, to name a few topics in this fun book!

At the end of the book are two pages where you can lay your head down while you "mull over the mysteries of inner ears or dark matter."

After that, for the reader who loves to keep going even after "The End," there is an excellent glossary of "Chewy Words," the funnest acknowledgements ever, and entertaining endnotes for "snailish sorts."

And even after you have come to the end of the last page, you won't be finished with your foray into SLOW if you follow April's advice -- you'll be picking up a field guide and heading out into the world for a leisurely walk, ready to stop frequently and gawk appreciatively at the world around you.


  1. This sounds terrific!

  2. Love this reframing of the word "slow" -- I mean, how often is it used in a negative sense? Slow, as in savor.... yes!


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