Tuesday, March 17, 2020


photo via Unsplash

In the course of a day, I rollercoaster from "this is scary/unnerving/overwhelming" to "this is such an exciting opportunity!" Over and over again. 

I'm doing my best to enjoy the ride and stay focused on the exciting opportunity we have ahead of us. This post by Seth Godin gives me hope that some of the changes in the way we "do school" can be lasting and positive. Here's the bit I like the most from his column:
"If you want to do a lecture, do a lecture, but that’s prize-based education, not real learning. If people simply wanted to learn what you were teaching, they wouldn’t have had to wait for your lecture (or pay for it). They could have looked it up online. 
But if you want to create transformative online learning, then allow people to learn together with each other. 
Connect them. 
Create conversations."
I brought home a few things from my desk to set out on a corner of the kitchen table. Each of these items has a person and a story behind them that will help keep me grounded. The poem by Wendell Berry has never felt so spot-on.

Now it's time to plan for some connections and conversations. Now I get down to the real work of making this "impeded stream" sing.


  1. Thinking of all of you who are trying to do that work you didn't know was 'real' until it was. The poem is wonderful, Mary Lee. Best wishes!

  2. I want to pull that envelope tab and find out what will open up… My stream is full will impediment… Working on a new syllabus with lots of stops involved–good food for thought, and good luck with yours Mary Lee!


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