Thursday, November 12, 2020

Poetry Friday: Haiku Diary

 I got way behind posting my daily haiku on Twitter with #haikudiary and #poeticdiversion, but I kept at it in my notebook. Here are the week's snippets:

Friday, 11/6

Poetry Friday
digital, virtual
still magical

Saturday, 11/7

everywhere I look
red and blue harmonize

Sunday, 11/8

unseasonable heat
restacking the woodpile

Monday, 11/9

midday walk at the farm
no blue birds, but a monarch
don't dawdle

Tuesday, 11/10

almost tears at lunchtime

Wednesday, 11/11

Oh, to go fishing --
rippling water, leaping trout --
instead...more work.

Thursday, 11/12

Where do you want to visit?
Dreaming our futures.

Robyn Hood Black (Queen of the Haiku) has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Life on the Deckle Edge


  1. This is the perfect week for a haiku collection as Robyn is hosting our round-up. I love your sharp and funny observations...stacking the woodpile and the harmonizing of red and blue. Your words are always a treat.

  2. I like all of these! Kudos!

  3. I especially like the rollercoaster and the almost tears...almost. I can relate. Thanks for sharing a peek into your notebook (life), Mary Lee. :)

  4. Mary Lee! I was just at Robyn's thinking how nice it will be to #twitterku in December, and here you've been at it already and I didn't know! Each and everyone is lovely. Maybe I'll start early...

  5. Love these -- I can definitely relate to the roller coaster one, and the red and blue harmony is timely and wonderful.

  6. Those ups & downs we didn't ask for is what you've written of so masterfully, Mary Lee. It's hard to describe what is happening to teachers unless you are one. I am a long-time teacher, yet still cannot imagine it all. Hugs for better & thanks for all.

  7. “Dreaming our futures” Yes and real visits not virtual, thanks Mary Lee!

  8. Having a haiku diary is a splendid opportunity to write from the heart during November, the Gratitude Month, Mary Lee.

  9. Love these snippets of life, Mary Lee. Your words are a joy to read. Thank you.

  10. I can relate, Mary Lee. Thanks! xo

  11. Mary Lee, you say so much with so few words. I honor that haiku does that BUT you have captured and conveyed such emotion. I felt every bit. Lines which struck deepest: “everywhere I look red and blue harmonize naturally” and “almost tears at lunchtime/almost.” Poignant desire to escape into the peace and beauty of nature (rippling water, leaping trout). Such an encapsulation of a moment, a day, a week - and life. Pulls on the heart.

  12. "Oh, to go fishing" -- so much longing in that line, Mary Lee.

  13. I can relate to your diary in so many ways, Mary Lee. Same feels, just different details in a different order. "unseasonable heat" is my favorite. And I'd like your red and blue photo as wrapping paper, please!

  14. Thank you for sharing all of these, Mary Lee - I was particularly struck by those "almost tears."
    Wishing you a good & safe week.

  15. Love your harmonizing red and blue, and I definitely felt the roller coaster this week.

  16. So glad that I finally read this grouping of haikus - wonderful work!


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