Monday, July 04, 2011

FARMYARD BEAT by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown

Farmyard BeatLast year, I read and loved DANCING FEET by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown.  I was thrilled to see that they collaborated on another fun book called FARMYARD BEAT.

This book will make for a great read aloud or a shared reading with young children.  The illustrations will draw readers in and the text will be fun to read over and over again.  The repeated phrases, picture support, rhythm and rhyme make this the perfect book for primary classrooms.

This is the story of a farmyard full of animals who can't sleep because they've "got the beat".  Each animal has his/her own beat that fits into the story.  I can only imagine the fun we'll all have when the animals are all sharing their beats together.  

I worry that we have gotten a bit away from shared reading in our primary classrooms.  I know I don't do enough of it in the library. But this book begs to be part of a shared reading experience.  I am thinking that I might make laminated cards with enlarged print for each animal in the story.  Then kids can join into the whole class reading but also use the cards to share the story in small groups.


  1. Thanks for sharing a fun sounding book.

  2. These books are perfect for integrating movement and music into reading. Thanks for sharing...I had to buy both! Jayne


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