Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am a huge Simms Taback fan.  I love so many of his books-his art always draws me in.  JOSEPH HAD A LITTLE OVERCOAT is the one that seems most loved by children and I can see why.

So, I was thrilled to see a new book by Simms Taback this is a little different from his others--POSTCARDS FROM CAMP.

This is a book told in postcards between a father and a son.  The son, Michael, is at camp and is not quite enjoying himself (he HATES it!) and the father is providing the encouragement he needs to stick it out.  The book is hysterical and I think this is one that older elementary students will enjoy.  The postcards (and a few letters enclosed in envelopes) get more complex as the book goes on. The actual front of the postcards are hysterical in themselves (a few Michael has created himself) and they each tell their own story.  Michael's father's postcards seem to give different messages to his son.  The letters from Michael are often pleading, often relaying terrible camp stories while the letters from his father often look naively on the bright side.

This book has so much potential. Ever since THE JOLLY POSTMAN was published years ago, there have been lots of books filled with letters. But they never quite meet my expectations.  Until this one.  The storyline is fun. The text and illustrations definitely work together and I can see kids spending lots of time reading and rereading these postcards.  In terms of minilesson work, this would be a great book to use with strategy work--so much reading between the lines is needed to understand what is really happening!

This may be my new favorite Simms Taback book!

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  1. I love Simms Taback's work and this one looks like a winner. I can't wait to check it out.


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