Sunday, April 28, 2013

Screen Free Week, Concussions and Stuff...

A Year of Reading will be taking part in Screen Free Week 2013. This is a week for turning off screens to find more time to read, play, hang out with family, etc. Our Screen Free Week will begin after Mary Lee's National Poetry Month series ends on April 30.  We will be off the blog from May 1-May 5.

Franki will have an extended Screen Free Week. Due to a never-ending concussion, she will most likely be unable blog for 4-6 weeks.  Mary Lee will cover on her own for a while (as she has been for weeks) as Franki takes time to recover.

Enjoy your time during Screen Free Week!


  1. Best of luck to you as you recover, Franki. Sending you healing thoughts.
    Enjoy your time off, Mary Lee! You have certainly earned it with all of your National Poetry Month work!

  2. Thinking of you, Franki! Hope the time off helps the healing speed up! And Mary Lee - I've enjoyed your beautiful poems all month.

  3. Take it easy, Franki! Mary Lee, I know you'll hold down the fort:>)

  4. Goodness Franki-hope you recover SOON!! Mary Lee-enjoy your time off. I don't know if I can commit. Does that mean I need to BE committed??? For an addiction? :)



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