Friday, March 29, 2019

Poetry Friday -- Surprises


The first surprise--
on the logjam that crosses the river,
a mink.

Not a muskrat.
A mink.
In Ohio.

The best surprise--
turned to look upstream, checking the footing for my next step,
my eyes off the line and
a tug
a yank
a fight
a trout.

Not a bass.
A rainbow trout.
In Ohio.

The last surprise--
I've forgotten
the achingly numb feet
from a day spent standing in
fast flowing
forty degree water with a
fly rod.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2019

Yes,  while others escaped to warm ocean beaches, I spent a day colder than I've ever been in my entire life and it was all worth it. (The Laphroaig may or may not have helped with that...)

Poetry Month is just around the corner. My NPM19 Poem A Day project is Playing With Poetry. I'm going to spend the month playing with Haikubes, Magnetic Poetry, Metaphor Dice, and Paint Chip Poetry. Join in if you'd like! We can use the Twitter hashtag #playwithpoetryNPM to find and support each other.

Speaking of find and support, Carol has this week's Poetry Friday roundup and her favorite daffodil poem at Carol's Corner.


  1. I think that mink would have been something special to see! Enjoy your poetry play, Mary Lee. I might dip my toes in sometimes. :)

  2. I would never choose to spend a day in forty degree water, as opposed to a day on a warm beach. You not only do that, but celebrate it, and write poetry about it. Amazing!

  3. Brrrr! A mink and a trout! Love the poem -- you express your delight and wonder so beautifully.

  4. I am with Carol on this one, Mary Lee, but I applaud your persistence and note that you were ready for something to warm your innards after fishing. Playing with Poetry is a great title for your NPM project. I hope to join you for a couple of days if I have time.

  5. You are so cool! What a beautiful trout and poem. And I cannot wait to follow your project in April.

  6. in Ohio! I love that repeated phrase. Lucky you, got a trout....and saw a mink. I hope your feet are warm now. You certainly wrangled a wonderful and fun poem out of the OHIO!

  7. What a beautiful fish! And a beautiful poem to match! How awesome that you saw a mink! I saw a bobcat in our yard this winter. It was an incredible moment. I love your Playing with Poetry and may join in now and then. Thank you for always being such an inspiration!

  8. Wow, you did get some surprises. I have a son-in-law that will love to see that trout picture. And a mink, traveling through? Love that you captured the time in your poem.

  9. Yes, nature is full of surprises! I love the Playing with Poetry project.

  10. Wow, kudos to you, brave fisher! I don't know that I'd have your fortitude, though the warming power of a good dram can't be overstated. ;-)

  11. Your poem was also a surprise. Love the idea of playing with poetry this month. I look forward to playing or cheering you on.

  12. I love the mood of this poem--the wonder and surprise that infuses it. Those short active lines you created with the trout are wonderful, and the whole poem sings to me. Good luck with your poetry this month!

  13. This sounds just delightful - aching cold feet and all.


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