Thursday, January 02, 2020

Poetry Friday for A New Year

This gapingvoid graphic.

This podcast review of Auld Lang Syne by John Green, for all the AKR fans out there. (Grab a hankie before you listen...)

This New Year poem by Barbara Crooker.

And this book...

16 Words: William Carlos Williams & "The Red Wheelbarrow" 
by Lisa Rogers
illustrated by Chuck Groenink
Schwartz & Wade (September 24, 2019)

This is a book about how we write poetry every moment we're alive, awake, and aware. It's also a book about how to read poetry. How to imagine into a poem everything that shapes 16 words into an entire world.

Now it's time to CONTINUE over to Carol's Corner for an inspirational poem by Maya Angelou and this week's Poetry Friday roundup.


  1. A glorious hodge-podge confetti of kindness! Thank you for this book (and happy for a gift card to spend on it), for this graphic (my gaping void is filled), for this poem (yes, begin), and for a podcast I can look forward to. Cheers!

  2. I saved that Gaping Void graphic on my laptop, will visit often. Thanks for all the goodies, Mary Lee. I am waiting for '16 Words" from the library!

  3. Thanks for this goodie bag. I especially loved the poem and those opening lines. "God often
    gives us more than we can handle." Anti-platitudes :)

  4. I love, love, love the Barbara Crooker poem! How did she know what is going on in my life (ok, maybe except the writing part!) And then I had to go read the transcript of the podcast, which yup, did make me cry this morning!

  5. "In spite of everything, you sit at your desk and begin." My hope for the year. I will add 16 Words to my reading list. John Green's podcast brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  6. That podcast slays me. THANK YOU. John Green may have thought he said an idiotic thing, but sometimes it's the humor and our human-ness that can save the day. And today, maybe my favorite line: "Don’t just do something. Stand there." Just be a witness to life. It's enough. We are enough. And you Mary Lee are a goddess! xo

  7. Downloaded the podcast for my drive today. I am a huge fan of Barbara Crooker and am slowly digesting her latest book Some Glad Morning. Happy New Year!

  8. Wonderful post Mary Lee! I just finished listening to the John Green podcast–it was sad and terrific. I wish I had gotten to know Amy Krause Rosenthal while she was still living–she was right here in Chicago. I was with a friend a while back that was dying and I did a lot of the standing around–words seemed to escape me. I loved the bit about, 12,395 times to look at a tree… The Barbara Crooker poem gave me a chuckle, and the William Carlos Williams book looks like one to check out. Thanks for all, and Happy New Year!

  9. I'm going to save Barbara Crooker's poem for my bullet journal, Mary Lee. Thanks for sharing it. And I *must* order this book. WCW is my favorite and a fellow New Jerseyan too.

  10. That's the first I've heard of 16 Words. Thank you! It looks like one I need for well as my 2nd grade friends. I took Penn's big Modern & Contemporary American Poetry MOOC on Coursera, and WCW was one of the poets we talked about. Great course.

  11. Oh my, that Barbara Crooker poem is perfect. I have the podcast downloaded (I'm a subscriber), but thanks for the push to listen to it! Happy new Year!

  12. Darn, Barbara Crooker just consistently blows me away! What an amazing poem!
    "Still, the empty page craves the pen,
    wants to feel the black ink unscrolling on its skin."
    Wow! Thanks for sharing this and the other goodies in this post. Happy New Year!

  13. From Jan A., who is having computer challenges:

    Appreciations for bringing me to SOME GLAD MORNING & Barbara Crooker, who is new to me.
    This can be a poet's poster above her desk.
    Her wry humor makes me smirk-
    recalls brilliant notes on the back of an envelope that flew out the open car window. (Double angst: littering & losing.)
    And thanks for bringing me back to Gary K., thru her, too
    Dear Mary Lee, peaceful moments to you, a plenty, in 2020.

  14. Thanks for the New Year package of goodness. I just finished the podcast, enjoyed the poem with a good laugh, and really taking a closer look at the graphic with the quote. The new book looks like one that everyone will love. Happy New Year to you.

  15. Love every part of this New Year's gift to us, Mary Lee. Happy New Year!

  16. Thanks for these New Year's gems, Mary Lee. Looking forward to getting my hands on "16 Words". Looks really interesting. All the best to you and yours in 2020! *cheers!

  17. Interested in listening to this review--I love AKR's books for grown-ups. BUt this isn't an AKR book, right? Just about her? Well, I guess I'll get the answer as I listen! And I love gapingvoid, and I smiled at this recent one, too. Happy New Year!

  18. Mary Lee, Sent you a longish message today. Thank you for sharing these thoughts to begin a new year. Thank you for ALL you share.

  19. Thanks for the hankie warning--that podcast made me laugh aloud and tear up. Gorgeous. Will look for 16 words.


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