Thursday, January 16, 2020

Poetry Friday -- Schooled

foggy view of the sheep farm by our school

It was foggy yesterday.
On my early morning walk,
I considered ways to describe fog.
None were new:
it shrouds and blankets and conceals,
it muffles and oozes,
smooth and thick.
Of course it sneaks,
famously tiptoeing.
It is pensive, introverted,
secretive, and calming.

Later, I asked my students to describe fog.
Suddenly, fog was new again:
clouds too lazy to float,
earth auditioning for a scary movie,
floating water,
clouds coming down to say hi.

At that moment,
I was the fog
and they were the sun,
illuminating new ways
to see the world.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2020

Catherine has the Poetry Friday roundup this week at Reading to the Core.


  1. I've always liked the Sandburg poem!

  2. I love this! Kids really do help us to see differently!

  3. Earth auditioning for a scary movie! Love your illuminating takeaway from this, Mary Lee.

  4. Gasp! Wow. Sometimes, we just need to step OUT of the way. Brilliant work by your students. "clouds too lazy to float," makes me giggle.

  5. I love this. Young writers never fail to amaze with their ability to see things in new ways.

  6. Mary Lee, Your poetry illuminates! This reflection, your title, your discussion with students--thank you for schooling us with your poems.

  7. I love how you freed your students to find their own beautiful words, Mary Lee. Fabulous!

  8. Such great imaginations! I especially enjoy the image of clouds coming down to say hi.

  9. This poem speaks to my daily experience writing with kids. Don't you just love it?!

  10. I love their fresh perspective! My favorite is the clouds too lazy to float.

  11. Gorgeous, Mary Lee. I love seeing ordinary things through a child's eyes.

  12. What a lovely poem. One of my favorite things about working with young children is that they are always showing me new ways to see the world!

  13. What a wonderful poem, Mary Lee. This line struck me, "earth auditioning for a scary movie." -Great description-but the ending packed a punch. Your photo pairs well with the poem.

  14. Thanks to you and your students for your inspiring fog poem–and ah to you becoming "fog" and ooo to them the "sun!"

  15. Oh! Tip-top tiptoe through the fog of convention into the sunshine of our future. Love x 1000.


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