Friday, September 06, 2019

This Happened

Oh, the joys of a book award committee.

The stacks on the left are August books that still need to be read/reviewed, and the tower of 4 boxes and a package came yesterday.

No Poetry Friday for me this week! Probably not next week either -- I'll be teaching fly fishing at Ohio's Casting for Recovery retreat.

Happy reading to me! Happy Poetry to you!

(Updated to add today's shipments: 4 more boxes and 2 more packages! Eek!)


  1. Oh, my goodness...that gives me an anxiety attack. I can't just read a book. I have to also spend time with a book. And, look at ALL those books! Wishing you a good journey with reading and evaluating. I love your work--and trust your eyes.

  2. Holy cow! I just got a similar order for Colorado Children's Book Award. They are stacked in the middle of our living room right now!

  3. Appreciations for your taking this on dear Mary Lee! . I have a dear friend who once not only served on An Important Book Committee, but my memory is that she was one year's Chair. Oy! good that someone with your knowledge & reading history & writing skills is on board. Maybe an extra special added lamp... & new spiffy reader glasses? Good Luck & thanks for posting at this boxy time :)

  4. Oh goodness, you will need a bit of time to make a dent in those boxes. Something tells me what you'll spend your weekends doing. Happy reading!

  5. Well you have your work cut out for you–thanks for this momentous task Mary Lee, happy reading!


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