Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nursery Rhyme Connections

I just picked up two books that connect to favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

EGG DROP is Mini Grey's newest book. This is a fun take-off of Humpty Dumpty. In this story, one of the eggs wants to fly. Instead of waiting until he hatches, he climbs high and jumps. Needless to say the results are disastrous. The story and illustrations are quite fun with little surprises on each page. And, on the last page, the reader is invited to see the positive in the tragic ending. This book is a quite different story than Humpty Dumpty but the kids will definitely see the connections!

I also just discovered HEY, MAMA GOOSE by Jane Breskin Zalben. In this story, the woman who lived in the shoe, decides that her family has outgrown their home. Mama Goose suggests that they move into Snow White's house since she and the dwarfs have moved to help Rapunzel. And so the story goes, many of our favorite nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters moving into new places. Kids love to read new stories about characters they love and they should recognize all (or most) of the characters in this story. A fun way to revisit lots of favorite fairy tale characters.

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  1. That Mini Grey. EGG DROP is wonderfully weird, as most of her books are.


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