Friday, July 17, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Against Travel

Last Friday, we drove 19 hours nonstop (except for dinner in Lawrence, KS and various restroom and gasoline breaks) between Eastern Colorado and Central Ohio.

We saw the sun set in the rear view mirror...

...and we saw the sun rise through the windshield.

It feels good to be home and NOT be traveling. That's why this week's poem spoke so clearly to me.

by Charles Tomlinson

These days are best when one goes nowhere,
The house a reservoir of quiet change,
The creak of furniture, the window panes
Brushed by the half-rhymes of activities
That do not quite declare what thing it was
Gave rise to them outside.

(the rest of the poem is here)

Are you delighted to be traveling or NOT traveling this week?
What are you against?
What are you for?

The round up this week is at Becky's Book Reviews. (Next Friday it will be here!)


  1. Perfect place for a reading fan to visit.

  2. I'm happy to be NOT traveling most of the time -- or should I say, I like visiting new places, but hate getting there, whether by car or plane. 19 hours of driving? You have my sympathies. Great poem!

  3. I am always happy when I visit here.

    I enjoy traveling. What I don't like is rushing or the bustle of getting somewhere.

    I do enjoy the comfort of the familiar. I am content with simpler things.



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