Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Must Meet Hope Anita Smith

Five Facts and a Mission:

1. She's the author of three collections of poetry: The Way a Door Closes, Keeping the Night Watch, and Mother Poems. (All three of these collections could be considered novels in verse, but because she works hard to make sure that each poem stands alone, I'll call them poetry collections.)

2. She's an illustrator whose medium is torn paper collages. (Mother Poems)

3. She just completed her term as Thurber House Writer in Residence.

4. Every Valentine's Day, she makes 100 Valentines and passes them out to strangers on the street.

5. She is frustrated by the economics of hardbacks vs. paperbacks, and passionate about the politics of language and color.

The Mission: Hope Anita Smith wants to place two copies of each of her books in every inner city library in the United States, starting with her home city of Akron, OH.

What can you do to help make her mission a success? Details will be coming soon on her website.


  1. Hooray for Hope!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE The Way a Door Closes. Beautiful, powerful, and I appreciated how each poem really was strong enough to stand alone.

  3. You are so lucky you got to meet her. I couldn't attend the event at Cover to Cover but I completely adore her books. Thanks for the beautiful post! Enjoyed reading it!


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