Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We visited Kids Ink Children's Bookstore in Indianapolis this week. It was a great bookstore with so many great books.

I was excited to pick up BANANAGRAMS FOR KIDS--a puzzle book to go along with the Bananagrams game. The Bananagrams game was popular with lots of kids in the library last year. Kids who played it often became quite hooked to the game. I think this book might get even more kids interested in the game. We have 6 sets of the game in the library and there is usually one being played by someone.

There are 130 puzzles in this book. Each page has a different type of puzzle. The directions on each page vary. For example, some ask you to use all of the letters to solve a riddle while others ask you to use letter tiles in different ways. (You can see some examples if you go to the "Search Inside" link on amazon.) Kids can use the Bananagrams tiles to solve the puzzles. There is a huge variety of things they can do and I imagine some kids will begin to create their own riddles. I plan to cut this book apart so that it is more usable for kids. I am thinking it would make a great beginning of the year wall display--set up with the game. I envision a wall with several of these mounted inviting kids and families visiting the library to give them a try. Then a basket with the remaining pages (laminated and placed in a cute basket) on the table with the games.

Just another invitation into the game and into word play for kids!


  1. We just love this game at our house. I love that you use it in the library. Making the library more than books and more inviting. I'll have to put this on our Christmas list for home.

  2. Franki I have seen this cute banana pouch game at toy stores and always wanted to get it. Now you have motivated me. Thanks!

  3. Franki,love Bananagrams.
    Also, wanted to recommend a picture book to you - Amy's Light by Robert Null. I know you will love it.
    Hope to see you again this Fall in Maine.

  4. I will be off to Amazon to check out and probably order this book. My 4th graders and I loved this game. My family does too. I bought one for our soon-to-be-a-teacher daughter and next week I will be playing with my nieces who are masters at Bananagrams. Another great feature is this is a great game for outdoors - no pieces that will blow away.

    Thanks! ~ Theresa


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