Friday, July 23, 2010

Poetry Friday -- What We Need

What do you need every day? Right now I'm wishing for faster, stronger Internet so that I can do the very visual, image-based Poetry Friday post I had planned. Grrr... Next week, I guess.

In the mean time, what do I need every day? A cup of tea. Moments of quiet. Classical music. Thankfulness, friendship, love, and fresh air. An apple whenever possible, but bing cherries or blueberries will suffice when in season. And of course, books.

What We Need
by David Budbill

The Emperor,
his bullies
and henchmen
terrorize the world
every day,

which is why
every day

we need

(Great cliffhanger, eh? You'll have to click here to find out what Budbill says we need! I think you'll agree...)

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Language, Literacy, Love this week.


  1. This is lovely, Mary Lee. I agree totally:>) I'm guessing we each picture the Emperor and his bullies and henchmen a little differently, though!

    I'm going to go have an apple with peanut butter for breakfast...

  2. Mary Lee,
    Thank you dearly for this! It will be glued into my notebook today as a reminder of what I (and those I love) need.

  3. Yes! What a gem. Perfect. :)

  4. I love this poem, Mary Lee. "a small song of peace" so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing it. I agree with Laura, we all have our own idea of the bullies and henchmen!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. **grins**

    I KNEW you'd love that punch line! And yes indeed, the Emperor and his bullies and henchmen are different for each of us...sometimes I get a different crew depending on the day and the circumstances!

  6. Wow -- we all need this reminder sometimes. I guess it's what makes Poetry Friday such a gift. We share joy and solace through the poems we bring.

  7. Another SBW (short but wonderful) to add to my list. I would add good friend who drive three hours and bring red velvet cupcakes besides! So good to see you this week!

  8. Thanks for this reminder of what we need, ML --those small moments of joy. The last few PF posts I visited had similar themes. Yay, for connection through poetry!

  9. Thanks, Mary Lee! I will have to save that poem.

    Your list of needs and mine have a lot of overlap :-)

  10. What a gem of a poem!

    What I need physically is food, shelter, clothing, air. What I need (read want) for my soul? That is a lot longer list! :-D

    Laura Evans

  11. This is beautiful. I will always need this, and hope it always is a salve to my soul.


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