Thursday, July 01, 2010

June Mosaics

June started with one rainy day after another, hence the fungus theme in the first row (and another at the start of row 3). Early June flowers were ordinary: clematis, daisy, yucca and butterfly bush, but I ended June with a lotus bloom. There are three butterflies this month, but the one floating above the black-eyed Susans came out looking like a hawk. We stayed at a great B&B, witnessed a great summer storm, and ate GREAT food in Annapolis. It was the perfect end to a hectic three days at ALA. (More on ALA in another post)

I was inspired by Toby Speed at The Writer's Armchair to take more pictures of the sky this summer. Toby is taking "A Sky-a-Day." I didn't quite manage one a day, and I'm not at all as good at finding shapes and stories in the clouds as she is, but looking at the sky has fine-tuned my awareness of the world around me by one more notch.

I wonder how I can get a digital camera for each of my students to carry in their backpack so they can capture moments of their lives in image the way we try to capture small moments with words in their writer's notebooks...


  1. These mosaics are lovely and inspirational....thank you, Mary Lee! Your kind and wise voice is a gift to all of us here in bloggieland.

  2. Awww, shucks!! Thanks for the kind words, Amy!

  3. Hoo! Your mosaics have such charm nestled together, Mary Lee. And one can see your portrait of the entire month, and how it evolved. Thanks, too, for the shout-out and the kind words. I look forward to hearing more about ALA.


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