Friday, July 02, 2010

Poetry Friday -- No Luck Searching

Apropos of nothing in the poem, Lotus Blossom, Two-O-One B&B, Annapolis Maryland, June 2010


There are no poems on the Internet
for the four unsorted bags of books from ALA
still sitting there
by the chair
where the cat can hide behind them;
or for the fruit on the counter:
pineapple, plums, kiwis, nectarine,
(and in the refrigerator,
bags of limes and cherries);
or for the need
(on July 2nd, for heavens sake!)
to go put on a sweatshirt and socks
because it's so chilly in the house,
sitting here at the kitchen table
with my cup of tea
trying to find the perfect poem for today.

by Mary Lee Hahn, copyright 2010

Amy has the Poetry Friday roundup at The Poem Farm, and it's just occurring to me that today was the perfect day for an original poem, since Amy is the QUEEN of original poems, seeing as she's on #93 out of 365 in her poem-a-day project/challenge/celebration/routine/ritual. I think we should throw a party for her next Friday when she hits the 100 poem mark!


  1. Mary Lee, I love your poem and all its images, so nicely tied together in the last line, which doesn't know its own irony. And I agree, let's have a party for Amy next Friday! What can I bring? I know, I'll look for my favorite sky, and I'll bring it. (Maybe Jama will bring cupcakes...)

  2. Well, Mary Lee, aren't you all Billy Collins-ish today?! Love this.

    And loved meeting you in the Mary Ann Hoberman line at ALA last weekend--yay!

  3. Whoa! Billy Collins-ish?!? What a great compliment! My head won't be fitting through doorways for the rest of the day!

    Yes, Laura, it was great to meet you in person -- and how perfect that it was in the Mary Ann Hoberman line!

  4. My favorite thing about poems like yours, Mary Lee, is that you'll never forget how you were feeling when you wrote it. It's a great record of every day life!

  5. Mary Lee, I love how you turned this into a writing challenge! Wonderful images, and thanks for making my search easy. Glad you had a rich ALA experience!

  6. This really made me smile, Mary Lee. I can picture it vividly, from the piles of books to the sweatshirt.

  7. Karen,

    The bags are still there (but I'm getting ready to sort piles and blog about ALA). The cat has moved to the window. It's still cool enough for a sweatshirt. :-)

  8. Mary Lee,

    I didn't know you were going to be at ALA. Did you go to the Newbery/Caldecott banquet?

    I really like your "No Luck Searching" poem.

    Happy Fourth!!!

  9. Elaine,

    I was "exhibits only" this time. It seemed like enough for a first-timer. I think I've caught the ALA bug and I might be attending more regularly from now on! It's quite the book/author/blogger fest!

  10. Mary Lee I am sorry I wasn't there at the first half of ALA to meet you! I snuck in for the last 24 hours and was overwhelmed with goodness in just that bit. But missed you WAAA!!

    I love the cat hiding behind the bags of unsorted books and the fruit in abundance. Sounds like my idea of home! Great poem for today.

  11. Mary Lee,
    I feel like I was there spying on you with your sweatshirt, cat, kiwi, tea, unsorted bags. Thank you for such a perfectly simple noun-filled poem. It made me smile about all of the simple nouns in my life too... I hope you had a fabulous time.

  12. Mary Lee,
    How could I forget to thank you? Your kindness has been a gift to me throughout these funny 94 days. In addition to loving the poetry of Poetry Friday, I have come to care about all of you. Thank you!

  13. I like that...

    ...AND your four bags of books!

  14. Mary Lee, I have to agree with Laura. Your poem screams Billy Collins in its rhythm of language, its use of the simple to describe the significant, and its quiet importance. I want to be the first with a copy of your poetry book when you publish it. I'm hoping you will add your own photographs as well.

    I've also joined Amy's fan club and would love to join in the celebration. What to bring?

  15. Mary Lee, that is a poem I like, rich with detail, and also because that is a day I like. Books, fruit, sweatshirt. I suppose the lotus would have been just too much, but I liked that picture, too!

    Hope you have a great weekend digging into those bags!


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