Friday, August 12, 2016

Poetry Friday -- Beginning...again

Photo by Mary Lee Hahn

A Teacher Turns the Calendar Page From July to August

It's the same feeling you get
just after you've nudged the sled 
over the shoulder 
of the hill.

Movement becomes momentum
and quickly shifts 
to catapulting and careening.

You relinquish control
and hold on 
for the ride.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2013

Next week is the official start of school in our district -- teachers on Monday, students on Wednesday.

And so we begin...again.

Julianne has the roundup at To Read To Write To Be.


  1. Good morning, ML! Enjoy this last weekend of summer, and remember a)that summer itself is not over and b)that sledding is fun.

    I just read an older post from Julieann about using Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee for a first mentor text--very fitting.

  2. Your title is a great lead-in for the poem. Hold on tight, Mary Lee!

  3. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Great perspective. May the momentum carry you smoothly through the term, Mary Lee.

  4. I can totally relate to that moment when movement becomes momentum, Mary Lee! I'm hoping for a bit less catapulting and careening this year and some smooth stretches along the way. Regardless, a glorious ride! Happy new school year!

  5. Woo-hoo! An exciting moment indeed. I hope the trudge up the hill isn't too exhausting.

  6. Anonymous10:48 AM

    A calendar page turn is always meaningful.

  7. We start school too. Can't wait for the ride!

  8. Love this poem. It totally capture those August feelings. Here's to a fabulous year, Mary Lee.

    1. Oops, it totally captureS

  9. Hold tight, Mary Lee! Your students are lucky to get to share the ride with you.

  10. The start of our school year is still three weeks away, Mary Lee - but I am already looking forward to when movement becomes momentum.

  11. Oh, isn't it just that! I remember the feeling. Retired now, I'm starting to let the summer be the summer until it isn't.

  12. The roller coaster ride began for me this week, but came to a halt today as rain and rain and rain kept us all home. I'll be ready to climb back on next week.

  13. Great poem Mary. Good luck for the new school year - hope it's not too much trudge and lots of whee-heeeeing.

  14. May this year's ride be your best ever, Mary Lee. I love your phrase "Movement becomes momentum."

  15. I recognize this poem... you've posted it before haven't you? Or maybe it's the sensation I recognize. I didn't realize how much harder it would be (on me) when the kids became high schoolers.

  16. Right there with you, Mary Lee!

  17. Mary Lee, I received a great high as you built your poem from the calmness of the photos to the title to the entrance into another realm. Thank you for taking me from July to August to Back-to-School. I would love to capture this poem/photo for my gallery. I hope you will be offering another one too.

  18. I am so there with you,Mary Lee. Love the title, the sunflowers, everything!

  19. Anonymous5:13 PM

    You've found the perfect metaphor for the school year, Mary Lee! Wishing you and your students a ride without too much catapulting and careening!

  20. What gorgeous sunflowers! And the poem captures that feeling so well, the fresh start, the unknown, and the hope...Have a wonderful school year!


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