Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Louise and Andie by Kelly Light

I love the first Louise book, Louise Loves Art and our class LOVES the song Emily Arrow created to go along with it.  This book invites lots of talk and thinking around art and creativity and making.

This month, Kelly Light has a new book. Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship is being released and I am so happy about it. In this story, Louise gets a new neighbor named Andie. She is excited to meet her new neighbor and even more excited to find out that she loves art too. But Louise and Andie have different styles and ideas and that causes some problems.

This book will invite conversations around creativity, friendship and differences. I think I may use it to start a conversation about the power of collaboration and bringing people with different ideas together to create and problem solve. The book is simple and the characters are fabulous which is an amazing combination for opening conversations I think.

Also, not sure if you know about the Ready Set Draw! video series on Youtube but Kelly Light teaches readers how to draw the cat from the Louise books.  I love this take on "How to Draw" videos from KidLitTV!


  1. This sounds terrific!! You turned me on to Emily Arrow! I wonder if she is going to do this book!

  2. Thanks, Mary Lee. I love the Louise books and Emily Arrow song.


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