Wednesday, January 25, 2006

January Reading

I just finished two great books. A friend recommended THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeannette Walls. What an amazing story. It is the memoir of reporter Jeannette Walls who grew up in extreme poverty and sometimes neglect. But there is this amazing thread of love throughout the book. You come to love all of the people that she writes about. It is a great read! Everyone that I know who has read it, has loved it.

I also read TRUTH AND BEAUTY by Ann Patchett. I am a huge Ann Patchett fan (BEL CANTO is one of my all-time favorite books.) I had purchased Truth and beauty a while back and, for some reason, picked it up to read last week. It is the story of Ann's friendship with Lucy Grealy. A very complex friendship--a hard one to understand. It was another really great book. As a matter of fact, Patchett mentions a few friends throughout the book--other great authors. So, I have picked up a few of their books. You end up finishing the book wanting to be part of this circle of amazing friends, wanting to read their work, etc.

I also just started a children's book called SO B. IT by Sarah Weeks. It is not a new book but one that I have been wanting to read. A group of my 5th graders started a book club to discuss it and I decided to join. They decided to read to page 99 before Friday and I am dying to read more. But, I guess I have to follow the rules of the club since they were nice enough to include me! I'll keep you posted when I finish. I must say that I like talking about books more at the end. I can't imagine where the conversation will go when I am really just dying to read more. I am sure, as always, they'll surprise me with insights I totally missed. A huge reason why I love my work!

Mary Lee and I are going to our very favorite children's bookstore--Cover to Cover--on Saturday. I want to pick up a few of the award winning books I haven't read. Soon, it will be time to start reading the 2006 children's books. There are some good ones coming soon.

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