Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What to Read Next?

What a delicious problem.

My German "mom" sent me A LINE OF BEAUTY by Alan Hollinghurst (Winner of the 2004 Man Booker Prize) for Christmas. There was no note of explanation. I assume that if I read it, I might discover why it was the perfect gift. But not yet.

HP#6 still waits. I didn't stay up until midnight to get it, but I have had it since July. It's still not the right time.

Maybe some nonfiction? A Christmas gift to myself was OAK: THE FRAME OF CIVILIZATION. Soon. Very soon.

I'll do the actual eyeball-reading (as opposed to listening-reading) of CLOUD ATLAS this summer when I have more time. It's not warm enough for flyfishing reading (READING THE WATER).

Here's the pick -- a book AJ lent me (I'm embarrassed to say) years ago: PRINCIPAL PRODUCTS OF PORTUGAL: PROSE PIECES by Donald Hall. The piece he tabbed for me is about learning to read and reading aloud. Yes. This will be perfect. Short pieces. A book that needs to be returned, finally, to its proper bookshelf.

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