Friday, March 31, 2006

Jo March

I finished listening to LITTLE WOMEN yesterday. One of the benefits of audio books in the car is that the reader keeps reading as long as I keep driving. I wouldn't have made it through this sappy, moralistic book otherwise. In fact, after listening to it, I'm pretty sure that in all the times I've tried to read this book, I never made it much past the part where Amy falls through the ice.

I thought of Jo when I got 14" of hair cut off on Monday. She brought home $25 to help out the family in a time of need; I put my hair in the mail to Wigs for Kids to help out a kid in need. She was all emotional after the fact; my greatest emotion was relief.

My next audio "read" will be MARCH, the story of the March family told through the father's point of view. He is almost completely invisible in LITTLE WOMEN, so I'm anxious to see what kind of character Geraldine Brooks creates.

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