Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

What a great snow day it was! I stayed up late last night reading more of THE BOLEYN INHERITANCE and decided that I'd spend the morning finishing it. What an amazing read! If you've read Philippa Gregory's other books, this one is just as good, if not better. I always worry about sequels meeting my expectations. This on surpassed all that I hoped it would be. I have never been a huge reader of historical fiction but got hooked a bit with Tracy Chevalier's books. I somehow picked up THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL last year (after hearing about it from so many people) and loved it--bought it for all of my friends. 

This is the story of Anne of Cleves and of Katherine Howard--both interesting characters as portrayed by Gregory. The book follows both characters as well as the character of Jane Boleyn. If you read the first book, you get to know a bit of a different side of Jane. The book is told by all 3 of these women and goes back and forth between the three. The book is amazing on all accounts. Such a great study of character and such an interesting look at the times. The plot is based on much of what happened during the time period and it is gripping throughout. There isn't a point in the book where you wish it was over. Since morning, I have been in a half fog. Thinking of the court of England all afternoon. A great book that I am sad to have finished.

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  1. I just read it too! It was great. Of the other books, I liked The Other Boleyn Girl best and maybe just a notch better than this one. But I also stayed up way too late finishing it the other night. It's hard to put down.


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