Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Fun Summer Book

Okay, so this is an old book, but a new-to-me book. I don't usually miss a book like this one, but I did---for years it seems. BEACH IS TO FUN: A BOOK OF RELATIONSHIPS is by Pat Brisson. She is one of my favorites because of her books THE SUMMER MY FATHER WAS TEN, WANDA'S ROSES, MELISSA PARKINGTON'S BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL HAIR and . This is a totally different kind of book--it is great rhyming analogies put into picture book form. I can see lots of fun reasons to share this one with kids--fun with words, thinking about words in different ways, celebrating summer. Can't wait to get my own copy since I happened to see this one at my daughter's school library. (Yes, I was at a PTO meeting and saw this book across the room....)

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