Monday, May 07, 2007

Pet Stories

This week Kelly wrote about her book-shredding cat, Lois Lowry wrote about a coyote sighting (and gave equal photo time to Alfie), and Neil Gaiman rescued a white German Shepherd.

Now it's my turn.

It's been the week from gastonomic hell for our dog, Bess. She started throwing up last Sunday morning, and she didn't really stop until Thursday. She kept food down from Friday night until Sunday morning, and we're pretty sure that one was our fault for optimistically increasing the amount of food she was getting at too rapid a rate. (We went from 1/8 c. dog food with her chicken and rice to 1/4 c. dog food with her chicken and rice.) You wouldn't fault us if you could see how weak she is. She can barely stand.

No, this isn't related to all of the pet food recalls, no, she doesn't have have any intestinal blockages, and no, she doesn't have any indicator of organ failure due to her epilepsy meds.

The silver lining in all is, in fact, related to her epilepsy. She was having rounds of seizures every 19 days before all this. She has now gone 24 days seizure free. Could the food she had been fed since puppyhood be the cause of her seizures? Now is our chance to start from scratch with a new brand of food. We're trying one that is high protein, all natural, wheat free, and of course, made in the U.S.

Needless to say, between clean-ups at all hours of the day and night, time spent fretting, and time spent researching possible causes and new food options, very little reading and blogging got done this week.

Here's hoping for a more normal week.


  1. Sending healthy thoughts to Bess. It must be so hard for you. Get some rest.

  2. It is so hard when our dogs get sick. You want them to talk and tell you what is going on. I hope this week is better.

  3. Anonymous12:15 AM

    It takes a different kind of sensibility to care for your pets. Hope you have it better this week. SInce you love animals, have you tried reading James Herriot? Love his books.

    BlueRectangle Books

  4. Mary Lee,

    I do hope your Bess is feeling better. I have two cats...and they are like children to me.

  5. Very sorry to hear it. My cat was throwing up and such and it turned out to be (after lots of expense testing) to be pancreatitis. Just to throw that out there in case it helps. Hope your doggie's doing better.


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