Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm Late

I was going to feature Oh, Brother (Nikki Grimes) for Poetry Friday last week. Luckily, I did a blog search and remembered that the book made it to my "To Buy Soon" list because of what I read here.

I read Jellaby (Vol. 1, by Kean Soon) yesterday and loved it. Fuse #8 reviewed it yesterday and loved it even more.

There's a new nonfiction blog in town. I.N.K. made its debut a week ago.

John Edwards had been out of the race for two days before I got the news.

I'm not even going to admit to the size of the piles of need-to-be-graded papers...

I'm Early

Cybils winners will be announced this coming week. Go take the surveys at the Cybils site while you wait.

That's all I've got for early. I don't do early so much...

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  1. I just read Jellaby too, and also loved it--but wasn't it a killer to have it end so abruptly with a "to be continued."


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