Sunday, March 30, 2008

How Much Can You Love Barbara O'Connor?

So, I LOVED HOW TO STEAL A DOG. I think it is one of the best read aloud books out there for grades 3-5. So, I was very excited to see that GREETINGS FROM NOWHERE was available at Cover to Cover.

I can't tell you how much I love this book. For me, it was a cross between all of my favorites. Sometimes I felt like I was reading Cynthia Rylant. Sometimes I felt like I was reading Kate DiCamillo. It made me feel like lots of my favorites (VAN GOGH CAFE, BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE, WHERE THE HEART IT). Barbara O'Connor seems to have found a voice in this one that is brilliant. The story is simple--a group of people who seem to need each other and find things out about themselves because of the time they spend together.

Barbara O'Connor takes us to the Sleepy Time Motel in the Great Smokey Mountains. And she introduces us to characters who will live with us for along time. I can tell that these are characters I will think about for a very long time, even though I have finished reading the book.

I have decided to read this one aloud to my 3rd and 4th graders starting later this week. It may be a bit sophisticated for them but I don't think so. I think when you read about characters you come to love, it is big.

Really, I can't imagine loving a book more than I loved this one. It was really quite a perfect book.

(I went back to watch the book trailer on the book. I figured I wouldn't like it now that I had read the book, but I LOVED it! It is perfect. Totally captures the feel of the book. Brilliant!)


  1. I am so glad I found my last read aloud for the year! And it is short enough, there may be time for one more. SO Excited about this book!

  2. I just had to pop in here and say THANK YOU! To be mentioned in the same sentence as my hero, Cynthia Rylant, is the ultimate.

  3. Megan--keep us posted on read aloud. I am going to start it early next week. I think Mary Lee is reading it today. Can't wait!

    Barbara--The book is amazing. I have been carrying it around with me today. I don't like not knowing exactly where it is and I think it might be one that I don't allow anyone to borrow! I'll have to have a spare for people to borrow! Congrats on a great book that so many people already love!

  4. WOW! It was even the buzz at our school today and only one person had read it. I picked up my library copy today, but it won't hit the shelves until I read it. The trailer makes me even more anxious to get started!

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I ordered the book after seeing your review, watching the trailer, and thinking about o'connor's other books...cannot wait for my amazon package to arrive!I agree-Barbara O'Connor is an amazing writer!


  6. You're right on Franki. I read it over Spring Break and it is my new favorite as I told my class today. Mine is already off the shelf and one student was headed to Borders to buy it! Loved it!!!


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