Monday, April 14, 2008

Nonfiction Monday

My new favorite nonfiction book for young children is CLOSE TO YOU: HOW ANIMALS BOND by Kimiko Kajikawa. I love great nonfiction books with predictable text. This new book is a great one for new readers. Each page follows a pattern about an animal and its baby. "Polar Bears cuddle in a den of snow." and "Ducklings line up in a single row." There are photos to accompany each animal's fact.

This is also a great book for older readers because of the huge amount of info at the end of the book. One two page spread goes on to explain each of the photos that is in the book. Another addition at the end of the book is a chart with lots of animal info (number of babies, weight at birth, weight at maturity, age of Independence).

A great book --especially for young readers!


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  2. Sorry for that little blip above. I can't stand it that there is no spell check for the comment box!

    Anyway, I reviewed this one today as well. Sometimes I am so in tune with the two of you that it's scary!

  3. close to you is portrayed as a feel good book, that is an easy and predictable read. The photos corrispond well the story of the bonding of a mother and young. The end of book is feeled with good animal facts.


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