Thursday, December 31, 2009

WAITING FOR WINTER by Sebastian Meschenmoser

I knew that I was going to buy this book the minute I saw that Sebastian Meschenmoser was the author. LEARNING TO FLY is one of my all-time-favorites and I have shared it in many, many workshops over the last few years. I knew from the picture of the squirrel on the front that I would love this one too.

WAITING FOR WINTER is the story of a squirrel who is waiting for winter...and snow. But squirrel has never seen snow. He usually stays inside for the winter. But this year, Squirrel is determined to see snow! So he waits. And waits. And waits. (The waiting page is definitely in the running for my favorite page.) He gets pretty bored waiting so he thinks of things to do to keep him busy--exercising and singing to name a few. But he and his friend Hedgehog are so loud that they wake up bear. If Bear wants to sleep, he has to help them find snow. So, they look...for something white and wet and cold.

As in LEARNING TO FLY much of the story is told through the pictures. The expressions and actions of the animals make me laugh on almost every page. You can't help but love them. And the illustrations are done in mostly pencil drawings with a little color here and there.

A GREAT story and one that I'll read aloud in the library. This one is a MUST BUY if you loved LEARNING TO FLY (and really, who doesn't love that book?)

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