Monday, May 10, 2010

Planning for Summer Reading

It is time to start thinking about summer reading. My pile is so high that I know I'll never get it finished. But I love the idea of more time to read.

This week in the library, we started to talk about summer reading. I know how important it is for kids to read all summer but I want them to love it. Our library offers a great Summer Reading Program with lots of incentives and Mr. George from the Dublin Branch came to Riverside to share some great books with us.

I want a way to encourage kids to read in authentic ways. I want them to see summer like I do--as a time with extra time for reading-a time to get to those books you haven't had a chance to get to yet.

So many readers have a way to keep track of their next-read books. Many people carry little notebooks, scraps of papers, notes on their phones, etc. I keep a list of books on my phone so that whenever I am in a bookstore
or library, I have some titles handy. I want my kids to begin to think ahead too.

As I was thinking about how to go about this this year, I came across these great little notebooks from Oriental Trading Company. I knew they were exactly what I was looking for--and such a bargain! I purchased these notebooks for each of our 2nd through 5th grade students and kids spent time this week decorating and personalizing them. This was nothing fancy--stickers, magazines, etc. But the kids had a great time and are very excited to start using them next week. Next week, I am planning on booktalking some great new books that kids might want to read over the summer. As I share, they'll have their notebooks in hand, ready to add to their list of must read books. I'll take time to have kids share great books and time for book browsing so kids can add to the notebooks.

I am hoping kids leave with an excitement about the books they want to read and I am hoping that this notebook starts a lifelong habit for many of them, a habit of recording those great books they hear about that they want to read sometime soon.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I love this activity... I'm going to save it for when I'm a librarian as a great way to kick off summer reading program!
    I think this really hits on what it means to be a reader-- not just someone who reads books, but a Reader of Books (a la Matilda!), and all the little rituals you develop, like the list of "To Read Books" you carry around, or that one coffee cup you use for tea when there's a free afternoon and a stack of books just waiting!

  2. Look at you, taking something from the classroom and making it grander - bringing a community together and fostering reading. Leave it to Franki! May more librarians follow you.

  3. Your post, as usual, is so timely! I have just started working on a brochure for Summer Reading suggestions and our public librarian is coming in a few weeks to book talk! This notebook idea is perfect...we are going to make them this week so we are ready! Thanks!

  4. I recently started using Goodreads, and the best part about it is the TBR list! But I love those little notebooks for the kids - they always seem to love little scraps to write on! :)


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