Friday, October 22, 2010

Poetry Friday: The Fabric of Life

The Fabric of Life
by Kay Ryan

It is very stretchy.
We know that, even if
many details remain
sketchy. It is complexly
woven. That much too
has pretty well been

(the rest of the poem is at The Writer's Almanac)

My head-shaking admiration of the fabric of life is not (today at least) about the shock waves of hurt caused by life's roughly taught lessons, but rather the complex and stretchy connections that hold us all together. Or bring us together, in Minneapolis, stretched and pulled from across the country to talk about blogging and Poetry Friday. 

Thank you, Andi, for doing the Poetry Friday roundup today at a wrung sponge!


  1. I love the words in this poem - woven/proven! And I am so glad to be stretching my way toward you and our dear panel! A.

  2. I love "the locus of rupture." Great ending, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great picture of that circular apple barn in Ohio! That's what it is, right? I am glad to be part of the fabric of Friday Poetry and the kidlitosphere today... and thinking of you all in Mpls.

  4. Andi -- it's the Dairy Barn at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds! Good call!

  5. I love Ryan's use of sound in this poem.

  6. Mary Lee, I'm so glad for the connections that brought you to Mpls! Great poem. I have Elephant Rocks, but this Ryan book will go next on my to buy list. She says so much in so little.


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