Wednesday, October 26, 2011

YA Books I've Enjoyed

I love Young Adult Literature but I don't have time to read a ton of it. Keeping up with K-5 books takes up most of my reading life. But I LOVE YA so I try to read several each year.   Last year, I attended ALAN at NCTE and that helped get me a bit more up-to-date on the new titles and authors out there.   I looked back at my Goodreads account and I've read about a dozen YA Novels over the last year or so.  I feel like I've been lucky with my YA reads this year.  If you are looking for some great YA, here are some of the ones I've enjoyed this year:

MATCHED by Ally Condie was a favorite this year. My 12 year old and I both loved this one.

 We are VERY excited about the sequel, CROSSED, which comes out next week.

SHINE by Lauren Myracle was a powerful read.  Not an easy read but an important book.

MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN was a unique read and the way it was put together was fascinating.  The real photos embedded through the book made the book seem real.  A great fantasy.

A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness is another powerful read.  It was the first book I'd read by this author and I am hooked.

THE PULL OF GRAVITY by Gae Polisner is another favorite.

And I LOVED my most recent YA Read, THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS by Rae Carson.

Two others I loved were CHIME by Franny Billingsley and ALSO KNOWN AS ROWAN POHI by Ralph Fletcher.


  1. Hey there -
    I'm DESPERATELY looking for books that have 5th grade appropriate content yet a high school reading level. Would any of these fit the bill do you think? I have a sizable group of VERY VERY high readers in my 4/5 combo class and am struggling to find books where the vocabulary will challenge them but the content isn't too advanced! :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Jody,
    I feel like these books are definitely YA and I wouldn't share any with 5th grade without reading them first. I don't have any of these titles in our K-5 library because they all have some kind of more mature content. I put this site together for my 5th grade Newbery Club--it highlights some new Newbery worthy books. Maybe this list will help?

  3. Awesome! Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Franki. I'm so honored to be included in your favorites.


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