Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Time Machine

The wrapper reads, "Everyone should have their own time machine," and on the spine it says, "The Busy Person's Journal."

The new volume that came in the mail today lies completely flat, while the one that holds bits and pieces of my life for this past 11 years bulges with movie tickets, quotes, newspaper articles (Lance Armstrong's wins, Oprah's book clubs) and columns (Joe Blundo, Craig Wilson)...and taped in are blue jay feathers and the piece of metal that punctured my car's tire. There are programs from lectures/performances by Amy Tan, Billy Collins, and David Sedaris. I marked the passing of my fourth grade teacher, the parents of several friends, Mike Hardin, Charlotte Huck, two good dogs, and The Series of Unfortunate Events.

Each day is afforded only four lines in which to capture a moment: the first time the trees fully shade our street in the spring, the first locusts that are heard in the summer, the first sighting of Orion on my early morning walks in the late summer, the beginning of school, the laryngitis season of October, the birthdays (both 40 and 50 are captured within the pages of this volume), dreams, surgeries (back and gallbladder), trips, presidential elections, snow days, full moons, Fairfield County Fairs, irritations, embarrassments, celebrations, landmarks, crocuses, dog walks, and both good and bad restaurant experiences.

Franki asked for the link to the company that sells these 10+ year journals, but I decided that I'd just get her her very own time machine. Merry Christmas, Franki!! Happy New Year again and again and again (x11). I hope you have as much fun capturing snapshots of your life as I've had capturing snapshots of mine.

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