Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Classroom Charts

I love the story our classroom charts tell at this time of year.  I looked around the room today and loved looking at the evidence of the conversations and learning that have started our year.  We've had a great first month of school and I can already see such growth in the thinking the kids are doing. I thought I'd share some of the charts and things that are hanging around our room right now.
We started this list a few weeks ago as a place to collect ideas for blog posts. It keeps growing. (You can visit our classroom blog at

We have been reading lots of personal narratives in writing workshop.  We are noticing and naming the things we like on "Wow! I Wish I Could Do That in My Writing" charts. Then they go off and give something a try.

As we begin to learn how to design good experiments in science, we created a chart detailing the differences in the ways we conducted one of our first simple experiments.

The beginning of our Read Aloud log--"Books We've Read Together"

The start of our "Words We Use When We Talk About Words" Chart

Our beginning chart of words you would hear and see in our Math Workshop.  We are working to use math specific words in our talk and writing.

Our first thinking around The One and Only Ivan--we are participating in The Global Read Aloud!


  1. I loved seeing these pics! Very cool.

  2. Have you already finished two read aloud chapter books? Wow! I'm still in the middle of Wonder!

  3. Thanks for ideas I can begin to use tomorrow!


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