Thursday, November 22, 2012

Poetry Friday Roundup is HERE!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the feast of Poetry Friday Posts:
(leave your link in the comments and I'll round up the old-fashioned way)

April Halprin Wayland at Teaching Authors is thankful for a whole host of angels.

Renee LaTulippe at No Water River is hosting a poet-a-palooza with an interview and FIVE poetry videos from around the world.

Snow is falling and Robert Frost is evoked at Charles Ghinga's Father Goose blog.

Steve Peterson at inside the dog... shares a poem about change.

Winter is on its way in Matt Forrest's poem at Radio, Rhythm and Rhyme.

Linda Kulp at Write Time took the Teaching Authors' challenge and wrote a "Thanku."

Just for a change of pace, Myra Garces-Bacsal shares a book of pirate poems at Gathering Books.

Carmela Martino at Teaching Authors is thankful for her colleague and friend Esther Hershenhorn.

Laura Purdie Salas spotlights Michael Hall's CAT TALE and brings us this week's 15 Words or Less Poems inspired by pumpkins.

Linda Baie at Teacher Dance is in the midst of change -- specifically, a move to a new house -- and finds a deep connection to Ralph Fletcher's book MOVING DAY.

Yum. Jama's sharing some more peanut butter poems at Jama's Alphabet Soup.

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I'm not quite caught up with the first round of linkers, but Jama mentioned the peanut clusters so it seems appropriate to stop here and describe the disaster that is my kitchen right now. (This by way of apology for the lack of inspiration in this roundup post.)

We'll start with the counter, then, where there are 25 candy bags, loaded with peanut clusters, awaiting the graham cracker toffee that is chilling on the card table in the garage. These 25 bags will join the 25 that are complete, and that will mark about the halfway point of the yearly candy making craziness/fun.

The rest of the counter, sink and stove areas bear the evidence that I very nearly spent too much time yesterday afternoon trying to find inspiration for this roundup post and came dangerously close to not having the roasted brussel sprouts (with bacon and toasted pecans) ready to take to our evening feast. Lordy, what a mess!

And now let's consider the kitchen table before me. The cornucopia flower arrangement was delivered last Wednesday, just before I left for the airport to go to NCTE. It is a bit past its prime here and there, but by golly, I'm going to pretend it's fresh for a few more days. Just about the entire rest of the table is covered with piles -- a couple are AJ's, but most are mine: NCTE pile, CYBILS pile, school pile, TBR pile, to-do pile...and the button that needs to be sewn on my jacket sleeve.

Behind me are the bags full of books from NCTE, plus a school bag filled with papers to grade and lessons to plan.

Thanksgiving is a time when every one of my plates is too full...and for this bounty of food, I give thanks. And for this bounty of work that I love, I give thanks. And for a table and a counter to hold my messes, I give thanks. For too much to read, I give thanks. For the tradition of Poetry Friday and for the community of bloggers who join the weekly party, I give thanks.

Now then. Back to the roundup.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Joy Acey imagines "Thanksgiving in the Barn" at Poetry for Kids Joy.

Black Friday, anyone? Violet Nesdoly has a shopping list for poets!

Laura Shovan at Author Amok gives thanks for yoga, football (and the halftime show!), words, and time.

Random acts of poetry epitomizes The Opposite of Indifference. Brought to you by Tabatha.

Matt Goodfellow at Poems and things! has two poems for us today, a chestnutty one and rain snake one.

Diane Mayr has posts up at Random Noodling (a rant I agree with COMPLETELY), KK's Kwotes (a cautionary quote for poets who are tempted to rush), and The Write Sisters (art that dances on our heads and holds our PJs).

At Growing Wild, Liz Steinglass serves up three dishes and a delicious-looking pumpkin pie.

Sylvia shares a Week 13 poem from The Poetry Friday Anthology at the PFA Blog, and information about a 12/12/12 e-book give-away.

Carol is contemplating necessity and wealth at Carol's Corner. She's raking leaves and letting Black Friday pass her by.

Thank you, Ruth (at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town), for Neruda and Cold Play in the same post. For a beach and stars and a fugitive ode to laziness. I think I'll let the rest of today's work go untouched and instead get some sand in my shoes.

Gregory K. at GottaBook has a timely poem -- "The Day After Thanksgiving."

Author Susan Taylor Brown shares her debut as an illustrator of Haiku Diem.

Lori Ann Glover at On Point has an original haiku today.

Lucky Jone! She got to attend a writing workshop led by Oregon's Poet Laureate! Two of the poems Jone wrote that day are shared at Check it Out.

Dorothy Parker is waiting for you at Douglas Florian's Florian Cafe.

Julie Larios at The Drift Record shares a poem by Jack Gilbert titled "Horses at Midnight Without a Moon."

Little Willow shares Emily Dickinson's "The Cricket Sang" at Bildungsroman.

Ramona at Pleasures from the Page has written a trio of "thankus," inspired by the bloggers at Teaching Authors.


  1. Dear Franki and Mary Lee!

    Thanks for hosting and Happy Day-After!

    At we are writing brief words of thanks celebrating those who have helped our writing careers.

    I've interpreted this rather broadly...I mean, if someone saved my husband's life in October, that pretty much influenced my writing career, right?

  2. Hi Mary Lee! Thanks for being the holiday host. This week I have another Poet-a-Palooza extravaganza, this time celebrating the anthology AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems. The post features an interview with Carol-Ann Hoyte and Heidi Bee Roemer and FIVE poetry videos by poets from around the world.

  3. Thanks Mary Lee and Franki! A new little holiday love poem for you at The FATHER GOOSE Blog

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Thanks for hosting. Here's a poem that started in the classroom and then changed once it left.

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Hi, folks! Thanks for hosting today; I have a poem that fits right in-between the colurful season of autumn and the cold, blustery, whiteness of winter. Hope you like it!

  6. Thanks for hosting. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I took TeachingAuthors up on their challenge and tried writing a thanku. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi there Mary Lee! Thank you so much for hosting during Thanksgiving! :) Here's my Poetry Friday offering this week: Pirates!

  8. Hi Mary Lee,
    Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday. I had to post my poem on Wednesday, because that's my slot on TeachingAuthors. I shared a thank-you tetractys as part of our Two Weeks of Thanks-Giving:
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Hi Mary Lee! I hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving celebration.

    Thanks for hosting! My contribution this week is compilation of craft books poets might like to find in their Christmas stockings. I call it "Black Friday wish list for poets." It will go live early tomorrow morning and is here:

    Violet N.

  10. Hi Mary Lee--Thanks for hosting! What a busy week with recovering from NCTE and Thanksgiving! I'm in with an excerpt from Cat Tale, a rhyming wordplay picture book from Michael Hall--that's at

    Plus 15 Words or Less Poems at

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving:>)

  11. Hi Mary Lee, thank you for hosting. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My post today is all about changes in my life-I'm moving, in mid December! Arrgh! Here's the link:

  12. Hope you got some good gobbling in at your Thanksgiving feast!

    This week, peanut butter poems by Carol Weis, Tabatha Yeatts, Diane Mayr, JoAnn Early Macken and Robyn Hood Black:

    Thanks for hosting. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I've re-vised and re-posted my Thanksgiving poem about the animals in the barn celebrating Thanksgiving.
    I'm at:

  14. Good morning, Mary Lee! I heard a wondering radio program, "Giving Thanks," on NPR yesterday. Dana Gioia read his poem beautiful poem about language and gratitude, "Words." I am sharing the poem along with a link to the full broadcast.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Lee! Thanks for rounding us up :-)
    I have random acts of poetry today:

  16. Hi, my first post didn't appear, so here goes again! Thanks Mary Lee for hosting. I have two poems to offer y'all:

    a chestnutty poem:

    and a rain snake one:

  17. Hi Mary Lee! I have a rant today at Random Noodling!

    Kurious Kitty is taking the day off from the library, but she still has a quote at KK's Kwotes.

    At The Write Sisters I have "Museum Piece" by Richard Wilbur.

  18. Hi Mary Lee. Thanks for hosting. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday.
    I have a few original dishes at my blog Growing Wild.

  19. Hi Mary Lee,
    Just stopping by to say how thankful I am to have made your acquaintance at NCTE and hope to see you before next year in Boston. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am feasting on reading and memories from NCTE and all the learning I did there, but mainly the new friends I made. I am enjoying my tour around Poetry Friday today!
    Janet F.

  20. Good grief, Mary Lee! I feel tired just reading your post! Aren't you supposed to be recovering from NCTE? Anyway, I'm in with "Wealthy" by Bruce Dethlefsen, which seems a perfect Thanksgiving/Black Friday poem. Hope you get some time to relax today!

  21. Darn it. I forgot to include the link.

  22. Mary Lee, I think you really need to read the "Ode to Laziness" I've posted today. :-) I've got Pablo Neruda and Coldplay.

  23. I'm thankful to you for hosting (and for organizing hosts all year!). I'm up today with a re-issue of a timely poem:

    The Day After Thanksgiving

  24. You are the hostess with the mostest! Thanks for doing this roundup today in the post-turkey slump.

    I'm in with a book of haiku called Haiku Diem.

  25. Thank you for hosting!

    At On Point, I've written a haiku this morning, The Studio.

  26. Hi there. Sounds like you're having fun in the kitchen. Here's my post:

  27. A Dorothy Parker poem at the Florian Cafe.
    Thanx for hosting!

  28. Hi, Mary Lee - I envy you your trip to NCTE! Maybe next year for me...fingers crossed. Over at The Drift Record today, I have a poem by Jack Gilbert (whose new COLLECTED POEMS is a treasure) titled "Horses at Midnight Without a Moon."

  29. This week's post at Teaching inspired me to try my hand at writing thankus.
    Thanks for hosting!

  30. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Lee - I LOVED your last paragraph. Poetry enough for me.


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